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"How To Launch A Digital Business By Giving Away A Free Mini-Course, By Using A.I. To Create In Just Minutes"

Let Me Share With You How You Can Get Prospects To Buy From You... And Getting Them To Love You, While You Sell!

Dear Friend,

Without you doing any selling, you could be making commissions from products YOU DO NOT OWN by just delivering automated emails.

But not those ordinary emails like what you may have heard before...

The trick is this – "mini-course".

Maybe you’ve heard of what a mini-course is, maybe you don’t.

The fact is, many marketers aren't even aware of this simple yet highly profitable method to make money from prospects you can get from the internet!

Technically, this is what represents a mini-course:

A set of emails with content, preferably 5 emails, that are “chained” together to teach a specific topic.

Let me explain why it works so effectively and the process behind it...

Because they're going through your mini-course, you're not even pitching them to buy any product – you’re simply helping them with recommendations!

This method of making money online is so super ninja (and easy to do) because all you’re doing is giving away a FREE mini-course!

The MiniCourse A.I. Live Virtual Workshop

The MiniCourse AI Live Virtual Workshop is designed to help anyone — from complete beginners to experienced marketers — to create and profit from mini-courses.

In the workshop, you'll learn how to identify in-demand topics, create engaging content, and launch mini-courses that sell, all without needing to be an expert in any field!

It's not just a blueprint; it's a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that reveals the process of making money online through simple mini-courses and designed for those who want to succeed without the pressure of hard-selling.

You'll learn how to craft captivating mini-courses, build effective sales funnels, master email marketing, and drive targeted traffic – all using the power of AI and streamlined strategies!

The four steps are:

  • Step #1: Mini-Course Creation. This is where you'll find out how to create a mini-course with subscribers who are interested in the topic. We'll guide you through selecting engaging topics, structuring your content for maximum impact, and ensuring your course stands out. This isn't just about creating a mini-course; it's about creating one that your subscribers can't wait to sign up for.

  • Step #2: Mini-Course Sales Funnel. You’ll discover how to lay out a money-making plan as well as lay out a persuasive, high-converting registration page to get website visitors to subscribe. Seamlessly transition to crafting a sales funnel that turns your audience into buyers, ensuring your mini-course becomes a consistent source of income.

  • Step #3: Email Monetization Strategy. Discover how to convert your subscribers into customers who buy from you again and again. This is where the money’s at, on automation. Master the art of email monetization with our strategies and transform your subscribers into a thriving customer base, generating steady income with each email sent! Our approach turns your email list into a goldmine.

  • Step #4: Traffic Generation. Get traffic to build a big, responsive list of subscribers and of course, to make money from it. Attract a vast, engaged audience eager to subscribe, creating a responsive list that not only grows your reach but significantly boosts your earnings with every new subscriber being added into your list.

If you notice, in essence, all it takes is SENDING "CHAINED" EMAILS to make money online with this system.

And by the way – I’ll teach you how to automate the emails so that you’re using a software to send them out sequentially.

This way, you’re literally hands-free.

So technically, the more people who are signing up for your free mini-course, the more money you could be making!

The beauty of this system is, you’re simply giving your mini-course for free.

“You’ll Finally Know How to Build a Responsive List of Subscribers – and You’ll Know How to Turn Them Into Eager Buyers To Generate Weekly Income!”

Maybe, anyone can build an email mailing list...

But very few people know how to build a profitable one!

And that’s what the live workshop does for you – it shows you exactly how to build a list of buyers to buy through you repeatedly.

And it shows you how to keep the revenue flowing – ON AUTOMATION.

It’s not just a money-maker.

This isn’t some “scheme” that puts money in your pocket today and leaves you scrambling next month to pay the bills. This is no quick-rich either.

But it's a legit complete blueprint.

So let’s get started…

How Much Does This Cost?

By this point, you’ve probably realized this is the right training for you to start this year that requires no experience.

This is the blueprint you’ve been looking for that requires minimal work while using AI. It's the plan that’s finally going to pull it all together for you so that you can start making good money!

And if you're wondering whether emails are still effective in reaching prospects and getting sales, I want you to consider this -

Whenever Facebook wants to reach you, they send you an email. They don't post in their feeds or send you an inbox message, right?

Netflix consistently sends out emails to remind you what to watch.

E-commerce companies like Amazon, Nike, etc., will email you about the latest product offers.

Obviously, email marketing is working very well.

Here’s something else I want you to consider…

Many lists make about $1 per subscriber per month.

So if you build a list of 1,000 subscribers, if those numbers held true for you, you could expect to make $1,000 every month.

If you build a list of 7500, and those numbers are consistent, you can expect to make about $7,500 every month...

If you build a list of 15,000, and those numbers remain consistent, you can expect to make about $15,000 every month.

Go ahead and plug in your numbers.

How big of a list are you going to build?

And how much money will this list drop into your pocket monthly like clockwork?

Why not you start conservatively with just 1,000 subscribers?

That’s a nice $1,000 per month income for you, just for "fooling around with it".

Now tell me, is it worth investing $97 to attend the workshop to learn how to generate $1 per subscriber each month for years to come?

You bet it is.

You could even recoup your payment in the first month! And every dollar you make after that is pure profit.

That’s why an affordable $97 to get started is an almost insane price for you to attend.


Because I'm so confident with what I'll be teaching in the workshop, I'm going to let you have the product first, then pay later (if you want).

The LIVE WORKSHOP and its 24 hours replay is FREE, but the recordings is not.

So here's my guess— if you are impressed with what I'll be teaching in the workshop, I'm convinced you'll buy the recordings later on because you would want to keep them for reference and watch them again so that you can follow all of the steps I'll be teaching accurately.

Yes, we do get customers buying the MiniCourseAI for $47. They'll get the recordings.

If you don't find the workshop to be highly valuable in its content, you don't need to buy the recordings. Provided, you feel having it will be useful for you after attending.

Because this is not a PREVIEW, it's a real TRAINING WORKSHOP that my students are currently paying for. When we start the class, we'll start with the training and there wouldn't be any "story telling" or any small talks.

The MiniCourse A.I. Live Virtual Workshop

Date: 11th May 2024

Time: 2.00 PM to 6.00 PM Malaysia/Singapore Timezone

Venue: Virtual

Cost: $97 FREE!

Replay Available For 24 Hours (If you could not attend)

I will teach you the strategies for building a successful digital business, specifically, focusing on utilizing mini-courses to make money online in this live workshop.

This practical approach ensures that by the end of the day, you'll have a clear, actionable plan to launch your mini-course.

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Warm regards,

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